Here is the list of characters present in the game. Each has its own peculiarities, and new characters will be added. To play with one of them, simply choose it on the players selection’s screen. Characters are not available in the demo version and are not accessible in the challenges…


This character can fly. It can pass over holes and traps without hurting itself.


Freeze starts the game with a special gun : the ice gun. This weapon allows him to freeze the enemies. If you manage to finish the game with this character, even without his ice pistol,  it unlocks this weapon for all the others…


By playing Midas, you will quickly be rich. Indeed, this character receives two gold coins instead of one each time. You can buy what you want when you end up at the shop.


A little nod to this iconic video game characters. When playing with this character, you will always have at least 30 bombs at each level start. Moreover, explosions can not hurt you…

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